Brand Spanking New Blog!

The word “spanking” caught your attention, didn’t it? It’s okay to admit it here. We’re all brats or freaks or kinksters or crazy writers who hang out with brats, freaks, and kinksters. Either way, you’ve reached a place where you can let loose and be yourself.

Put your clothes back on before you embarrass yourself!

I meant you can let loose with your words. Comments are encouraged. Jokes, personal stories, questions, anything goes. Except you, Spambot. I know you’re out there watching me, plotting when to make your next vague comment about how insightful and well-written my post about Cheetos is. I know your game!


The three goofy authors here all have varying degrees of passion for kink. Mostly we believe in sexual freedom. Picture your traditional hippie from the 60’s, minus the flowers, add some tattoos, redress them in black, give one a mohawk, and voila!  That’s us! Only safer, saner, and more consensual.


Surf around, get to know us, check out the page that says “Meet the Brats.” I promise you’ll only regret it a little.




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