Exclusive Excerpt from Book 4!!!

dwcl_lgHey everybody! I’m feeling generous today and blog happy so you get a special treat. The ENTIRE first chapter of The Dom with the Clever Tongue, Badass Brats Book 4! If you missed the blurb, scroll down to last week’s post and you can read it.

The book officially releases on Monday, September 16th. Remember to come to our fabulously awesome release party here, where there’ll be snippets, photos, prizes, and Q&A for the authors!

And without further ado (what is an ado anyway?), here is the very first chapter of The Dom with the Clever Tongue! Btw, this part is written by moi so I especially hope you love it 🙂

RATED R — not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Chapter 1

The paddle fell with a loud whap. “Ouch!” Reece hollered at her girlfriend. “That’s too hard, Scarlet! I don’t like pain like you do.” She sat up on her knees and scowled at the blonde holding the evil paddle beside her thigh.

“Mmm. But hitting you turns me on.”

She scoffed dramatically but lost focus when she looked over the sexy body next to hers. Was there anything hotter than a braless girl wearing a white tank top and boy shorts? She smirked. “You just like the view.”

“That too.” Scarlet shoved her so she fell forward on hands and knees.

Reece grunted but stayed put even though she could almost feel her girlfriend’s gaze on her sex. A shiver crept up her spine. Until, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the paddle lift into the air.

“No!” She shot up on the bed and covered her already abused ass.

Scarlet sighed and tossed the paddle onto the bed. “Then let’s switch places. I like pain and you don’t listen to me anyway.” With a smirk, she took Reece’s chin between her fingers. “You make a terrible sub, kitten.”

Her gaze fell on Scarlet’s tempting lips. She jerked out of her grip and pecked her on the mouth. “I’m not a sub and you know it.” Though parts of submission appealed to her. Like in the erotic books she read and when her best friend, Sabrina, told her stories about her Domme, Q, and her Dom, Jude.

Well she didn’t have a Jude. She had a Scarlet. They’d decided to try topping and bottoming for each other as a way to bring kink into their sex lives. It’d seemed like a good idea at the time. They’d been dating a whole year and three months – why shouldn’t they be able to give each other what they needed in the bedroom? It wasn’t as if ordering someone around was hard. That was what they’d thought three months ago, but here they were, still two lost kinksters stuck in sex limbo.

Scarlet plopped down onto the bed and rolled face-up in front of Reece. She’d already taken her top off.

Reece arched a brow. “Aren’t you supposed to wait for me to tell you to get undressed?”

She smiled in that mischievous way – the way that said she was up to something. A moment later, she grabbed Reece’s hand and tugged her off balance. She fell forward and landed on her hands, leaning over a grinning Scarlet.

She couldn’t help grinning back. Scarlet’s smile was contagious. She was so freakin’ gorgeous. It was still a mystery how she ended up with such a hot girlfriend. Reece was no prize in the looks department. Scarlet was interesting and exotic with her pale skin, white-blond hair and dark brown eyes. Her hair was so much prettier now that she’d stopped dyeing it brown to get taken more seriously on the job. Sometimes Reece felt like the ugly sidekick. Only her designer clothing kept her from looking like a charity case. Brown eyes, brown hair, brownish skin…boring. Even her name was plain. Not fancy like Scarlet Graydon.

Still smiling, Scarlet ran her gaze over Reece’s face. She did that often – stared at her like she was some kind of prize she’d won. It made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside even though her skin flushed with embarrassment.

“I like what you did to my nipples last time we played,” she rasped then kissed the inside of Reece’s arm next to her head.

“You liked that?” Jeez, she’d looked ready to murder somebody and sounded like a porn star. She’d almost stopped what she was doing to call a priest in to do an exorcism. And she wanted more?

Scarlet nodded then grabbed the back of Reece’s neck and pulled her down to her breast.

“Okay, okay,” she mumbled against her skin then looked up at her. “You’re demanding for a sub.” She licked just to the side of her nipple. Mmm. Men just couldn’t compete with a woman’s soft skin.

“Not a sub,” she choked out before positioning her more securely.

First, she teased her with her tongue, running the tip over the peak and flicking it. The throaty moans encouraged her. After she treated her other breast the same way and Scarlet writhed beneath her, she backed away. Ignoring Scarlet’s plea for more, she gently blew on her breast. When the nipple puckered perfectly, as if waiting for her bite, she slipped it between her teeth.

Scarlet’s hips launched off the bed as she gasped. “Evil!”

Feeling dramatic, she chuckled darkly while increasing the pressure. Scarlet’s gasp turned into a loud moan and she squirmed under her.

She bit harder.

“Fuck!” She sounded too close to orgasm so Reece gradually let go of the nipple.

“Mmm,” Scarlet murmured. “More.” She fisted a handful of hair.

“Hey!” Reece pried her hand out of her hair then scolded her. “You’re getting bossy again. And you say I’m a terrible sub!”

Scarlet groaned impatiently. “Just do what I say. Please! I’m so close.”

She backed away from her reach and looked down at her. “That’s not how it’s supposed to work.”

“Fuck. I don’t fucking care.” Rubbing her eyes in frustration, she gritted out, “I need pain. You don’t get it ’cause you don’t feel it but…” She swallowed hard.

Why did this happen every time? Sure, they had fun. They smiled and giggled and eventually got off, but there was a growing sense of frustration too. She copied what she read in books but, for some reason, the roles just didn’t fit quite right, no matter how many arrangements they tried.

Scarlet’s look of disappointment tore at her chest. She wanted so badly to please her. It hurt that she couldn’t. And the reason she couldn’t please her was because Scarlet had no idea what she wanted. She wanted pain but then grew frustrated when Reece tried to control it. Neither of them made good subs or Doms. So what the hell were they?

Leaning over, she pressed a kiss between Scarlet’s brows. “We have to stick to the roles. It’s the only way this will work.”

She scowled up at her. “We would know for sure if you’d come with me to the club and ask.”

That again? “So many germs, Scarlet! It’s disgusting.”

Turning her face away, she grumbled, “You’re so stubborn.”

So she’d heard – a million times over. Stubborn, opinionated, difficult. She stared down at her hands fumbling in her naked lap. Naked. She hated being naked, but it was hot when Scarlet stripped her then kept her own clothes on. And for someone with years of body issues behind her, that was saying something.

“Maybe you should ask Sabrina. She might be able to help us.” Scarlet glared at her. “I bet she’s a good girl for her Doms.”

Reece laughed. “You don’t know her like I do. And anyway, Q and Jude know what they’re doing.” She glared right back. “I’m only as good as my Domme is.”

Scarlet narrowed her eyes then pounced. A moment later, she had Reece pinned face down, both of them giggling. “What the heck?” she said, squirming to get free. “How are you so strong? You’re too skinny to be this strong!”

A dark chuckle then Scarlet slapped her ass. “Mmm. I love your curvy ass.”

“You mean you love my fat ass.”

Teeth clamped down on one cheek, stinging until she shrieked.

“Shush about fat,” she scolded when she let go. “You know I don’t like hearing that from you.”

She squirmed and Scarlet released her. “Whatever, skinny bitch.”

Another smack had her glaring at Scarlet with her best death stare, but Scarlet merely arched a brow.

“You sound so much like a Domme sometimes.” She sighed. Was that a good thing or not? Did she even want Scarlet as a Domme? It would complicate things between them. Maybe too much. She liked being her girlfriend, as partners, as equals. But a Domme in the bedroom would be hot. Would Scarlet shift into a 24/7 Domme as soon as she tasted power? Would she want to control her life? It was hot in books but… It just wasn’t how things were between them.

“Come on,” Scarlet said. “Let’s watch one of your fashion shows. We can try this again later.” She shimmied up the bed until she was leaning against the headboard then looked at Reece and smiled. “Curl up in my lap, kitten, and I’ll pet you.”

Reece rolled her eyes. The very first night they’d spent together had occurred right after her boyfriend had dumped her. She and Scarlet had been friends for a few months by then and Scarlet had come over to try to make her feel better. Scarlet was gold star – no cock for her – and Reece knew she had feelings for her. It had been too soon to explore that idea and she didn’t want to give her the wrong message so when it got too late and they were too drunk to drive, she insisted Scarlet take the bed while she slept on the floor. The next morning they both woke to find Reece curled up in a ball at Scarlet’s feet at the end of the bed. That had earned her the pet name kitten. That and Scarlet said she purred like one, but that was still unverified as far as she was concerned.

When Reece pouted, Scarlet opened her arms and beckoned. “I know you want to.”

“That is so demeaning,” she grumbled as she knee-walked up the bed and in between Scarlet’s legs.

Arms wrapped around her and she settled into her favorite spot against Scarlet’s body.

“It’s not demeaning,” she said, stroking her fingers through Reece’s hair. “It’s adorable.”

She sighed contently, feeling at home with her head resting in her girlfriend’s lap. “You’re lucky I love you.”

Warm lips pressed against her hair. “Yes, I am.”

Though contentment settled on her for a while, the scent and feel of Scarlet’s warm body beneath her cheek stirred her slowly. She wriggled a little, compressing her thighs. So difficult staying quiet and calm in her girlfriend’s arms even if their kinky crap was a crazy mess.

The second time she wriggled, Scarlet chuckled and trailed her fingers around her ear, tickling. “What’s wrong? Is there something you need?”

Indignation made her answer come out wrong. “No.”

“Are you sure about that? I can tell when you’re turned on, you know.” The huff of Scarlet’s breath sent a liquid shudder arrowing straight to the apex of her legs. “Let me. Please. Move so I can touch you.” When Scarlet cruised her hand lower to brush the first curves of her ass, Reece didn’t protest.

She shuffled her body higher, sighing and parting her thighs as Scarlet’s fingers stroked her there. Scarlet slipped one finger up inside her and, at the rush of pleasure, her eyes rolled up and she lowered her head farther into Scarlet’s lap.

“Do you know how much I like doing this for you?” With her other hand softly possessing her nape, Scarlet caressed her there and below in a quiet rhythm that rocked Reece deeper and deeper into the haze of lust.

The moan coaxed from her lips smothered her only answer to Scarlet’s question.



2 thoughts on “Exclusive Excerpt from Book 4!!!

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  2. I had to copy and paste my review here, too! Oh wow! Where to begin! I just finished reading this book, which I have been eagerly awaiting and tapping my fingers for, for so long that I completely devoured it! OH!!! I LOVE Malachi! What a doll he is! Big bad, tattooed up Dom, YUM! Love a man who doesn’t take himself and his “dommlyness” too seriously. And Scarlet’s not bad, either… just needed a little push in the right direction, Malachi was only too capable of pushing – all the right buttons! Sweet little conflicted Reece! Ah, I adored her… so sweet and so naughty all at the same time! I sense a slight kinship with her, lol! Oh, the ebbs and flows of relationships, friendships, even with acquaintances… family, friends, lovers, this book has them all. Love, smokin hot sex, hot enough to melt your heart, mind and your body, sexually experimenting fun, learning curves, growing pains. What more can I say, it’s a MUST READ if you aren’t afraid of a little F/F/M erotic romance – YUM!!

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