Cari Silverwood – Unwrapped, Untangled, and Unsane

One of my cow rioters (aka co-writer) from this Badass Brats series, Leia Shaw, recently divulged some top secret info about herself on here, such as the fact that she likes to write almost naked in bed. I decided I should follow up with something like that. But I don’t write in my underwear. I have too many dogs on my bed to do that. Dog hair is itchy and migrates everywhere. I do write in Australia though and we have weird stuff like super deadly snakes, kangaroos, and our water goes down the drain the right way round, clockwise – the opposite to the way it goes in the US. No, I don’t have to fend off packs of ravenous creatures whenever I step out my door. But I do get to see and hear kookaburras laughing in the nearby gum trees most days, and the university near me has kangaroos and wallabies sunning themselves on the campus grounds.


Yes, I am married. No, I don’t have anyone in my basement…unfortunately. Though some days I wonder if Klaus might like visit and bring one of his…friends. Alas, my neighbors aren’t keen on people screaming. My writing history is 9548419mixed. The Badass Brats series might be rom-com ménage with BDSM but before this I was writing a mish mash of historical BDSM and fantasy/ steampunk BDSM romance. If you want to attract me to an erotic story, give me an adventure plot and throw in some BDSM.

8199042Of course now I also know that Mff ménage with some in-depth f/f romance and sex will also get my pulse racing and my fingers typing. I blame my cow rioters for corrupting me. Ignore any protests from them. I, me, myself, was the poor innocent one. In a way this Badass Brats series is caught in the middle between my previous fantasy BDSM and my current liking for contemporary capture fantasy. Yes, I write dark erotica tales like Bind and Keep Me. I’ve always read them and I’ve discovered that writing them is even better. I get a bit twitchy when I see a plot approaching that I’ve done before and so romance, with its guaranteed smoochy ending with hearts floating through the air and swooning maidens is getting a little old right now.

I haven’t sworn off romance but juggling dubious consent stories in a way that still tends toward a happy ending is attracting me more. It’s not just the plot predictability that makes me prefer dubious consent stories. I mean, dammit, if the maidens have to swoon I’d much rather it be due to having their hair pulled as the hero drags them away to his cave/ dungeon/ tropical island with mod cons like floggers and canes and places to tie them to. I’m odd like that. All writers torture their characters, I just like doing it with more screams, more rope, more orgasms, and less consent. Excuse me, I have things to do, words to type, and people to hurt.






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