Five Things You Don’t Know About Cari Silverwood

5 Things you don’t know about me

1/ I used to be an okay cook but since acquiring children I’ve become a regurgitarian cook. If they say they both like something I add it to my special list of foods to be made over and over.

2/ I live in Australia where there are beaches. Yay! And Leia didn’t want me to say that.

3/ I once played the part of Death on stage with the whole scythe and black robe and skull mask thing going.

4/ I once sat in a sauna with several Welsh weight lifters, naked. They were in town for a big sports thing. I enjoyed trying to give them heart attacks.

5/ I used to know all my plants in my garden by name but now they’re lucky if they get watered once a year.

6/ I’m doing six because Leia will grumble about 2. I hate squashing cockroaches because you end up with a squished mess with little legs. Those legs… *shudder* And spraying them is worse because they try to run up your leg.




Chasing Words

Maybe it’s a writer thing – or an artist thing – but do you ever just get too many ideas in your head? Writers are notorious for starting projects then stopping midway to start a newer, better project. Maybe it’s the scattered right brain thing. Or the creative, head-in-the-clouds thing. I don’t know. I wish I was one of those people who was super organized with post-it and charts and bulletin boards and shit. But I’m just not like that. My life is chaos, my office is chaos, my brain is chaos. But it’s how I work best, honestly.

I generally can balance this chaos with self-discipline. No, not the kind that keeps me off Facebook and from stupid YouTube videos, unfortunately, but I can usually stick to writing one book at a time. I believe in finishing projects. I make money off of finished projects and I like money.

This winter is a little different for some reason. I think my ADD is slipping into my work habits. Again, I don’t mean watching stupid cat videos when I’m supposed to be working. I mean that I’m having writer ADD. I can’t decide which project I want to work on and when. So for right now, I’m working on three different books. One more than the others, because I made myself a deadline for it, thank goodness!

It’s frustrating that I have more ideas than I do time to write them. Even writing full-time isn’t enough to keep up with what my brain wants. (Other writers who have day jobs are giving me the finger right now.)

Anyway, I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. Sorcha did a post about NanoWriMo so I figured I’d do one about keeping up with writing too. Hers is better. I’ve been writing all day. My brain is fried.

Something smells good. Must be dinner. Did I mention I have ADD? Oh, look! Something shiny!



NaNoWriMo – Antisocial Author Month

I made it through the first week. On track. Suck it, NaNo!

One week.

Then it began.

The subtle jibes. The pointed looks. At one week exactly, my family started complaining about unreasonable things like not having clean underwear and there being no more clean plates. They don’t care about NaNoWriMo. All they care about is whether Cinderella has done her damn job.

The clock has struck midnight. My glass slipper is on the stairs and Prince Charming is grumbling about why I’ve left footwear in such an irresponsible location.

It seems that adding almost 10,000 words to my work in progress in the span of a week only gets me pats on the back from other participating writers. Non-NaNos just think I’m crazy. Or lazy.

Now, on my only day off this week, I’ve done two loads of dishes and several loads of laundry. My book ideas are roiling in my head, screaming to get out, but my hands are needed elsewhere. And not for anything fun or clandestine, either. Have I mentioned housework sucks ass?

So this is probably the end of my NaNo participation for the year. Back to my regularly scheduled program. In my head, four imaginary people are trying to get it on and make a complicated relationship work. They’ll just have to wait, because apparently a mom with a hot glue gun has a date with 4th grade beaver diorama.