Five Things You Don’t Know About Cari Silverwood

5 Things you don’t know about me

1/ I used to be an okay cook but since acquiring children I’ve become a regurgitarian cook. If they say they both like something I add it to my special list of foods to be made over and over.

2/ I live in Australia where there are beaches. Yay! And Leia didn’t want me to say that.

3/ I once played the part of Death on stage with the whole scythe and black robe and skull mask thing going.

4/ I once sat in a sauna with several Welsh weight lifters, naked. They were in town for a big sports thing. I enjoyed trying to give them heart attacks.

5/ I used to know all my plants in my garden by name but now they’re lucky if they get watered once a year.

6/ I’m doing six because Leia will grumble about 2. I hate squashing cockroaches because you end up with a squished mess with little legs. Those legs… *shudder* And spraying them is worse because they try to run up your leg.




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