Five Things you Don’t Know About Leia Shaw

My turn! Five things you don’t know about me. Well, if you follow me on facebook, you probably know a lot about me by now so I’ll have to be creative. Hmm. Maybe you should run away now. Mwahahaha.

1. I have a tic. I do this snorting thing. Well, not really a snort. That’s sounds terribly unattractive. It’s more like a… like a whale blowing out of its blowhole. Just a little. It’s hardly noticeable. Unless you’re sitting next to me.

2. I am a bit of a musician. In fourth grade I started playing the cello. I really wanted to play the viola cause I really liked the word “viola” but my grandma played the cello and I knew it would break her heart if I didn’t pick it. So for years and years, I took lessons, played in orchestras and string quartets, and even a Klezmer band (Jewish folk music) until I got pretty damned good. But I sucked at music theory, which oddly has a lot to do with Math (which I failed twice), so I could never be a director or composer or anything fancy. Now I don’t have time to play anymore but someday in the future, I might pick it up again and see what I remember. Same goes for piano. I started lessons at 6 but got rusty without regular practice.


Yup. This is what I do. I play my cello. Sexy cello playing 😉

3. I’m a former job hopper. After high school, I went to college way too early, before I really knew what I wanted to do. What I needed to do was “find myself” and the heavy dose of academics just bogged me down. I failed most of my classes and quit after 2 years. To my shame, I’m still paying off debt, which sucks bad. After that, I tried a plethora of careers: ski lift painting, special ed assistant, cotton candy seller at the circus (I kid you not), foster parent recruiter, pedicure giver, and more. Finally, I settled on writing and haven’t looked back. Turns out you don’t need a degree to be an author! Yay! But, seriously, if you want a real job, get a degree.

4. I’m pretty well-traveled. Yeah, so remember all that about finding myself up there? ^^ During and after college, I did a lot of traveling. I taught kids English in Russia. I did street theater in Amsterdam. I helped with rebuilding projects in Jamaica and Mexico. I even got lost in Germany!  Fun times. Now all that is behind me and there’s no future in adventuring until the kids move out. *sigh* I tell them that every day. “As soon as you move out in 15 years, Mommy gets her life back.”



5. I got up close and personal with a bear in the wild. I went through a super adventurous phase in my early twenties where I went
backpacking all over the country, learned to rock climb, white-water rafted and all that. I have TONS of stories from getting dehydrated and hallucinating to almost getting chased by a mountain lion, to scaling some ridiculously dangerous cliffs with no rope, to getting charged by a mountain goat. But the best story is when a black bear climbed into our lean-to while we were sleeping, not five feet in front of me. The story is hilarious if you ever see me in person. I tell great stories, complete with dramatic hand gestures, facial expression, screaming, the whole nine yards.

So I thought this would be hard but it turns out I have LOTS to say! Hmm. Imagine that. Anyway, five is enough for now. Maybe we’ll do this again some day.

Anyone have similar experiences as me? Or leave a comment just to let us know you’re here!



7 thoughts on “Five Things you Don’t Know About Leia Shaw

  1. GOOD LORD! You had a lot going on!! *looks back on my own boring life* I sort of want to be you when I grow up. LOL

    PS, yours were more exciting then Cari’s 😛

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