Polyamory Workshop — We Need Your Help!

Me (Leia) and Sorcha will be attending BDSM CON in NYC August 2014. This is a 4 day conference for readers and writers interested in the BDSM lifestyle. There’s lots of demos, discussions, panels, a trip to a club, and a book signing. Honestly, it looks like a lot of fun and I’m excited to go.

There, Sorcha and I are presenting a workshop about Polyamory (and other multi-partner relationships). The official blurb is as follows:

As women’s fantasies are expanding, the market has become ripe for multiple-partner romances. But adding more characters to the bed can sometimes feel like a game of Twister. In this workshop, we’ll explore the different types of multi-partner relationships, how to portray them accurately, and how to weave in the dynamics of a D/s lifestyle.

We’ve been asked to provide more information about our workshop but it’s so far away Sorcha and I haven’t given it a whole lot of thought yet. We spoke recently and wondered what readers and writers wanted to know about the topic of multi-partner relationships. Here’s where we need your help!

Leave a comment with ideas on what you’d be interested in learning or hearing about at a workshop like this. If you have specific questions about it, that would be helpful too. Then we’ll know how to steer our workshop. If you’re not comfortable leaving a comment, you can always email me at leia (at) leiashaw (dot com).

Thank you in advance for your involvement! We love hearing from fans and other writers about our books, your stories, and everything you share with us. We just love talking with you guys!



2 thoughts on “Polyamory Workshop — We Need Your Help!

  1. I love Poly Workshops, there is so much to learn and explore and different perspectives can bring new ideas…

    –How do you handle individual partner time without making the other(s) feel left out
    –With busy lives, how do you balance out the needs / wants of each partner ~ especially when you don’t all live together 24/7
    –We are all prone to jealousy, even if we desire a poly relationship. What are positive and productive ways to deal with those emotions when sometimes it is not in the best interest of all parties to discuss them (yes communication is paramount, but sometimes an individual might need to deal before discussing)
    –How do you approach your partner about expanding your relationship without damaging what you currently have
    –How do you find/approach another person when you are ready to have a third in your life ~ there are still so many stereotypes

    hehehe…i’ll stop now…

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