Slaves of Destiny

Leia here. I have a new book I’m going to do a little shameless promotion for. On my other blogs, my more vanilla slightly tame ones, I listed the top ten reasons to buy my new book, Slaves of Destiny. But for you kinky folk, you get an even better version!

Top five things that make Slaves of Destiny a sexy erotic book that you just must read:

1. There’s an incubus (or two). Come on. Wings, muscle, evilness. A kidnapper of women to use as sex food. Hot, right?


2. There’s also a slave auction in an Underworld brothel.

Sorry. It was too ironic not to use this photo.

Sorry. It was too ironic not to use this photo.

3. Possessive alpha male? Check!

He kicked off his pants and felt a wave of relief as his cock sprang free. There was a sense of rightness at seeing her beneath him, eagerly waiting, wet and hungry. He wanted to sate her, not just today and not just to ease her pain, but forever. The satyrs could go fuck themselves.

This woman was his.

4. Uhh, the heroine is a nymph. As in nymphomaniac. Need I say more?


5.  War prize!

He ducked down then hefted her over his shoulder. She gave a surprised yelp, but went limp.  Right now, she was his war prize. A sudden thrill raced down her spine. War prize. There was something sexy about that. Wetness dampened between her thighs.


If that doesn’t convince you, what about the cover?



There’s much, much more that I didn’t list — like sweet wine kisses, and hair pulling, and BJ’s, and tickle fights — but I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun of reading all that! So buy the book. And come to the dual party Cari and I are throwing Friday (Dec. 20th) on Facebook! We’re giving away amazon gift cards so make sure to join!

Here are the buy links and the blurb.

From the Shadows of Destiny Series… 

More than a hundred years ago, the last nymph tribe was hunted to near extinction. Only one frightened girl escaped. Seraphina. 

During a soul-searching expedition, philosophy professor, Bodhi, comes across an ethereal creature bathing in a waterfall. She’s both playful and beautiful and soon he finds himself bewitched. The fantasy crumbles when a winged figure steps from a portal and steals away the girl. Drawn to help her, he follows them into a world of nightmares. 

Discover what Fate has planned for them in this novella, Slaves of Destiny. 

Buy Links:



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