Five things you don’t know about Sorcha Black

Why you’d want to know these things about me, I have no idea, but here goes:

1. I have very unrefined taste buds. Think of the kind of food you’d feed to a toddler you didn’t know well, and that’s pretty much what I’ll eat. Bland and boring, or boring with salt are my favorites. I don’t eat fancy cheeses and I don’t like wine or caviar. I have Kraft Dinner taste on a Kraft Dinner budget.

2. On any given day, except when I have to go to a business holiday party, I wear a black t-shirt and jeans. Sleeve length is pretty much the only variation. Other than my blue jeans, most of the rest of my clothing is black, including my coats and shoes. Even my tattoos match. I love shopping but rarely bother buying anything for myself, because I know I won’t wear it. This could possibly make me the best shopping buddy ever, because I’m willing to shop for whatever other people want to look at.

3. The only three tv shows I watch right now are Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and True Blood. I don’t have much time for tv and most of the shows available don’t interest me.

4. Small talk is not my forte. I swear a lot. I have peculiar taste in music, movies or books, so I usually can’t contribute to the conversation. When I get bored I tend to say risqué things to see if I can start a more interesting conversation. If you’re introduced to me at a convention, you might prefer speaking with Leia, my stunt conversationalist.

5. I’ve had a lot of dance training, but rarely dance at public functions. Aside from belly dance, I also took jazz, tap, acro and modern. You’d think that would make me graceful. You’d be wrong. Toes cringe at the sound of my name.



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