The Lure of Camp NaNo

ImageI admit it. NaNoWriMo almost ended my marriage and landed me on an episode of Hoarders. So why on earth did I hear about Camp NaNo and go straight to the website?

The sign up page is now open in a tab, sitting there, mocking me. Camp NaNo wants my information. I could pick April or July to write 50,000 words. Or… I could do both.

Deep down inside me, a maniacal laugh is burbling. I have a “go for the frosting” look in my eye. Part of me wants to participate and pretend that my husband has a pause button and my house is of the self-cleaning variety. My kids – well, they’re old make their own sandwiches, right?

Some people can sign up for these things and use the tools to help them keep track of the writing they’d be doing anyway. I’m not that calm and reasonable. I fought hard to keep up and checked my word count the way some people check the stock exchange.

It got results. I came in at just over 50,000 words with a couple of days to spare. I finished the initial draft of my NaNo book, The Dom with the Kink Monsters, not long afterward at 85K. It’s hot and sweet and all of the things I hoped the book would be, and I got most of it done in a month. Exciting. Crazy.

The only issue is that it’s early March and my house and my marriage still haven’t quite recovered from NaNoWriMo in November. Every time I pick up my laptop my husband’s eye starts twitching. For a man whose idea of fun reading is perusing gun manuals, he really doesn’t understand the compulsion to create and escape the real world for hours at a time.

Even though I know I shouldn’t – that I should be responsible and go back to my regularly scheduled life – the Camp NaNo tab is still open, its jaunty little tent icon catching my eye and my imagination.


The Dom with the Kink Monsters – to be released April 2014

The Kink Monsters need a drummer and Cobalt Harbor is fresh out – that is, until Ramsay moves into town with his girl, Saya. Tall, dommy and charismatic, Ramsay’s exactly what Winter and Mack have been looking for.

But the new couple complicates things. Winter and Mack’s loving, S&M dynamic gets sidetracked by their attraction to Ramsay and his sub. Proximity, BDSM and animal attraction lead the band into seething sexual chaos.

As though things weren’t complicated enough, sudden popularity and a new deal-breaker tangle the relationship into a mess that none of them know how to unravel.

Warning: Explicit sexual content, graphic language, M/m, F/f, M/f/f/m, BDSM, knife play, anal play/intercourse.