BDSM Writers Con!

Sorcha and I attended the BDSM Writers Convention in NYC last weekend! Despite the rocky pre-con drama, it was actually really fun. The speakers were great (and funny), the attendees were fun, and we got to meet some awesome fans!!!

Friday and Saturday night were spent eating and drinking and laughing and commiserating with a few of our street team members who traveled from all over the country to be there. It was amazing! Definitely my favorite part of the trip. We sold almost all of our books Sunday at the signing (yay for not having heavy luggage on the way back!). I presented two workshops that went well, despite feeling unprepared. People thanked us for being honest about our personal life, which was gratifying. And we got to watch some amazing demos on protocols, flogging, edge play and mind fucks *shudder* and more!

Here are some photos to enjoy!


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