Meet the Brats


We’re three badass brats who’ve made it our life’s mission to encourage trouble, mayhem, and smartassery. And if you haven’t noticed, we’ve also written some books. You can learn more about those here.

photo (12)siggyleia

Leia likes her men tattooed and muscular but still cuddly. She’s a self-professed shoe whore and believes a new pair of shoes can fix the worst of days. Game of Thrones and Walking Dead are her current favorite TV shows, though she admits to watching Dance Moms just to make herself feel like a better parent to her two wild children. Obnoxious toenail polish and anything with chocolate and peanut butter makes her smile. Pretend to laugh at her jokes and she’ll be your best friend.

She writes books for a living – funny, adventurous, sexy ones. You can see them here.

sorchasilly siggysorcha

Sorcha adores Jane Austen. She has a plethora of gargoyle tattoos and subsists on a diet of chips, chocolate, and Lucky Charms. Although she loves to sleep, she rarely does – there always seems to be other things that need doing. Known for her poor housekeeping skills and perverted sense of humor, she’s never been a Stepford mom even though she has a shoe full of children. When Sorcha was a kid she wanted to be a nun, and she might have been a good one if she’d never discovered sex, metal, and tattoos.

Sorcha writes books about ordinary women in extraordinary circumstances. Learn more here.

cari siggyCari

Cari is the mysterious one in the Brats team. Only the swirl of her cape or glint of her whip is ever seen at the dead of night, as she clings to the side of a skyscraper by her claws. Ahem. No, she doesn’t clean windows on the side.

Each morning, she drinks her hypercaffeinated coffee, takes a deep breath of clean Australian air, coughs out the gum leaves she inhaled, brushes off all the baby koalas that have adopted her, and sets out to hike up the mountain she lives beside. Reaching the peak means fighting off dingos, redback spiders, jellyfish and those pesky gurus who like mountains. Then she sits down and writes her next novel.

Cari writes sexy heroes who tie up damsels in distress instead of saving them. Check them out here.


One thought on “Meet the Brats

  1. A blog, a blog! Another place to play and cause chaos! So what are we going to do first? Leia, what size shoes do you wear? I’m coming to raid your closet! Anything I like will go home with me!

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